The Valais Blacknose sheep are meat – wool breed, which originated in the region of Valais in Switzerland. Breed is registered in 1962. Horns are characteristic for both of this breed specimens ewes and rams. White coat with black ears, noses and feet is characteristic for the breed. Adult rams are weighing from 80 to 130 kilograms, but ewes – from 70 to 90 kilograms. There are about 17 000 Valais Blacknoses registered in the world.
The Valais sheep are very modest and well adapted to the harsh conditions of the mountains. The average fleece clip per year is 4 kilograms. Wool is used well in the manufacture of carpets.
Nice and peaceful nature of these sheep, together with excellent and interesting look makes them to be a “perfect sheep”.
Valais Blacknose sheep were brought to the “Rakši” in 2014 from Germany.