Koncepta viesnīca “Rakši”
Concept hotel “Rakši” is located in the Camel Park “Rakši” in the valley of the Gauja National Park. Price for the overnight stay includes also entrance to the Zoo. The hotel has 12 rooms. Part of them are designed in Moroccan style, because Morocco is the native land of camels, and the part of them are designed in Peruvian style, because Peru is the native land of llamas and alpacas. Interior design of each room is different.
4 rooms of the hotel have amenities, and other rooms have 2 shared bathrooms. There is a coffee shop “Camel cafe” and a gift shop in the territory of the Camel Park “Rakši”. The hotel guests can relax in the Moroccan style area, where coffee and tea are offered free of charge and guests are welcomed to sip wine.
The hotel is a perfect lodging place for nature lovers and those that want to experience spending night close to natural environment and animals. This is a popular place among Latvians thanks to all leisure activities it offers — camel rides, walks with llamas and excursions with carriages pulled by the gigantic Poitou donkeys from France.
The hotel is located approx. 111 km from Rīga, the capital of Latvia, and within 7 km distance from Cēsis, nearest town, that can be reached by a car within 10 minutes. Guests have free parking at their disposal.